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Beit Ur Al-Tahta Development

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Beit Ur Al-Tahta Development

Project Overview

In partnership with the Sheikh Mohammed Shami Foundation, USAID and CHF International, ACP facilitated a $400,000 infrastructure development project in the West Bank village of Beit Ur Al-Tahta in 2009.

In coordination with the Beit Ur Al-Tahta Village Council, these funds were used to pave the village’s main road and install sidewalks, guardrails and street lights. The project also created much-needed job opportunities for more than 70 workers, the majority of whom lost construction jobs in Israel following the Second Intifada. The enhanced infrastructure benefits the village’s 5,000 residents, including hundreds of students who now have a safe route to walk to and from school.  

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on October 31st to celebrate the project’s completion. Attendees included Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, USAID Mission Director for the West Bank and Gaza Howard Sumka, US Chief of Mission Daniel Rubenstein, Ambassador at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mufeed al-Shami, and ACP Chairman Dr. Ziad Asali, as well as other senior officials, dignitaries and citizens of Beit Ur Al-Tahta. For Mr. Sumka's full remarks please click here.